Kansas Secretary of State Kobach to continue push against illegal immigration in 2013

November 30, 2012

By Greg Janetka

TOPEKA, KansasKansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) has been called an “American hero,” as well as “America’s Deporter-in-Chief,” an “anti-immigration hawk,” and a “nativist” lawyer for his ubiquitous role in the nation-sweeping campaign for immigration reform.[1] This included an on-again, off-again advisory role with Mitt Romney‘s campaign, which has been credited by some with killing the presidential hopeful’s chances to win over Latino voters.[2]Despite criticism from both sides of the aisle, including an ongoing recall attempt, Kobach shows no signs of backing down on his hardline stance.[3]

Recently, strict immigration measures stalled in the Kansas Legislature as it drew little interest from neither President of the Senate Steve Morris (R) orSpeaker of the House Mike O’Neal (R). Next year, however, looks to be different as Morris was defeated in his primary this year and O’Neal is retiring from the House. With the GOP solidly holding both chambers of the legislature, the party’s goal in the 2012 elections was not simply to elect Republicans, but to elect the most conservative of Republicans. Kobach now believes he has the votes to push through some of the measures he has advocated for in the past.[4]

Not all Republicans have stood with Kobach, however. For his part, Gov. Sam Brownback (R) has said the legislature should leave it to the federal government, calling illegal immigration “primarily a federal issue.” Meanwhile, in a practicality-over-politics move, Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Dale Rodman applied for a wavier from the federal government this year that would allow an arrangement where illegal immigrants could work for willing employers. The request was in response to a shortage of hired hands to work ranches and farms.[5]

While Rodman was backed by both conservative farm advocates and liberal social groups, Kobach stood in direct opposition, stating, “I hate to answer with the old adage about comparing apples and oranges, but to a certain extent, the crops rotting in the field argument is comparing – maybe not apples to oranges, but oranges to soybeans.”[6]

7 Responses to “Kansas Secretary of State Kobach to continue push against illegal immigration in 2013”

  1. D. Porter says:

    Kobach should run for president in 2016 or run for governor to get rid of that dirtbag RINO Brownback.

  2. lance sjogren says:

    Kobach’s stance on immigration policy isn’t hard-line to most Americans. He shockingly advocates the US enforce its immigration laws like other nations do.

    What is extremist is the open-borders agenda of the witless journalism community and most of the political establishment. Never mind that this leads to the nation becoming an overpopulated dystopia. Hey, who cares if you cause horrific suffering for hundreds of millions of people in the future if you can feel virtuous in your ignorance today.

  3. zooed says:

    Speaker of the House Mike O’Neal is retiring to run for president of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, which is a clear indicator of “why” he is not on the side of enforcement. Then you have the governor Brownback, who is an anti-enforcement rat going back several years and should be recalled.

    The concept that Kobach was responsible for “killing” Romney’s election chances is absurd, although the verminous pro-illegal media and radical Mexican groups have been spewing the lie across the country. If anything, Romney got millions of votes for standing firmly with the LAW. Hispandering like other silk-pantied Republicans would have made his defeat even larger.

  4. mobilebay says:

    Kris Koback – Hopefully, in 2016, Kris Kobach will run for President. I only wish he were in the Oval Office now.

  5. Dawes says:

    Passing amnesty is a declaration of war against the People of the United States.