Mississippi lawmakers seek to restirct concealed-carry permit information

February 28, 2013

By Zac Humphrey

JACKSON, Mississippi: A bill that would block concealed-carry weapons permit information from public records has been passed by Mississippi State Senate and will now be returned to the Mississippi House of Representatives.[1]

The bill in question, House Bill 485, was amended in committee in the Senate to allow for the release of the permit information with a court order from a judge. The bill passed the Senate, with the only “no” vote coming from Derrick Simmons (D). He is on record as saying that the names and addresses of the permit holders should remain public knowledge.[1]

HB 485 will now head back to the Mississippi House where they can either pass the bill as amended or negotiate with the Senate on the final outcome.[1]

2 Responses to “Mississippi lawmakers seek to restirct concealed-carry permit information”

  1. T Barnett says:

    I wonder if Derrick Simmons would be willing to allow his address, phone number and map to his home to be published .

  2. Derrick Simmons is ridiculous! Public outing is just an invasion of privacy. Giving criminals a road map to where they can find guns is really, really dumb.